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What is the time commitment?

Generally speaking, there are a few events each month and you have the freedom to choose what you want to participate in based on your interests and availability. Most are in person, but we do have virtual meet ups to take advantage of opportunities to meet industry professionals from around the world.


Photo credit: Bella

What would I do?

Our meet-ups range from technical training with DSLR and film cameras to meeting amazing creatives and discussing their experience and journey (ex. Raul Martinez from Laika). Photo walks and other opportunities to get in practice with support from our media educators happen all around San Diego county in addition to some paid experiences as well.

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Photo credit: Talia


Do I need a camera?

Not necessarily. If you're participating in an OTL event, we'll have DSLR cameras available for you to use. When you're out and about on your own time, you can use whatever you'd like - phones, tablets, etc. 

Photo credit: Sariah


Photo credit: Armando

Will I grow as a leader?

There are multiple opportunities for you to grow as an artist and as a leader. Whether that's helping with our social media, capturing behind-the-scenes photos, mentoring younger or newer students, and even connecting with community leaders when needed - if there's something you want to try, we'll help you get there!

How do I sign up?

The only requirement is a passion to learn and try new skills! Click below to fill out our interest form!

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Photo credit: Alex

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